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University of Toronto Acceptance Rate for 2022

The University Of Toronto Acceptance Rate, Canada is one of the world’s top universities in terms of research and bringing productive minds together from different backgrounds and ethnicity.

Thousands are admitted on yearly bases from different parts of the world. It is however rated as Canada’s top university due to the standard of the educational output and its consistency over the decades.

Countless graduates of renowned impacts across the globe have been produced from the university over the years and a lot more will still be produced.

Thousands apply for various courses of study ranging through the graduate and undergraduate programs over the years, however, there are various steps involved in the admission processes of the University.

This is to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the application and also to source as much as possible information from the applicants before the requested applications can be granted. Check here ( for further knowledge on how to apply.

After getting much understanding of the admission processes of the university and how to apply, it is worthy to note that in comparison to other universities in Canada, the University of Toronto acceptance rate is 43% on an average.

This is so because they are open to both domestic and international students, hence increasing competition. However, this varies depending on the course of application, the location of the applicants (either domestic or international), and other relative factors as stated and speculated by the university.

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We will reveal the acceptance rates of some of the factors listed above as stated by the university.

  • University of Toronto Acceptance rate for International students

The University of Toronto is known for its acceptability in terms of international students across the globe. About 21% of the entire student body is made up of international students who came from different parts of the world in search of quality education.

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The University of Toronto has international students from about 168 countries and regions worldwide.

Below is a concise list of international students in the University of Toronto;

  • China: 12550
  • India: 1280
  • United States: 890
  • Korea: 620
  • Hong Kong: 344
  • Taiwan: 307
  • Turkey: 224
  • Saudi Arabia: 219
  • Japan: 195
  • Iran 192 and others.

The University of Toronto has an acceptance rate of 43% for international students which is considered to be fairly high and this has been consistent over the years, after checking through, no obvious changes were observed.

  • University Of Toronto acceptance rate for Computer science students

The discipline, of computer sciences, is joined with mathematics and statistics at the University of Toronto and they are intertwined and merged together also when it comes to learning.

This gives an edge to the students as this prepares them better to be credible problem solvers and analytical thinkers.

The school of Computer sciences is made up of Robotics, data science, programming, information security, bioinformatics, applied statistics, mathematical science, computer science, and other fields.

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Averagely as earlier stated, the University of Toronto has an acceptance rate of about 43%, however, computer science is obviously different with an average acceptance rate of about 78.8% for the undergraduate programs and 21.2% for the master’s program.

This is an obvious difference and a favorable condition for domestic and international applicants to the undergraduate program of computer sciences at the University of Toronto.

  • University Of Toronto acceptance rate for Engineering

The faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering is held in high esteem and rated as the number one school of Engineering in Canada and one of the top Engineering schools in the world. The main campus is located at St. George, downtown Toronto, Ontario.

The credibility and efficiency further increase the competition rate of the school with more than 3000 international students and over 100 countries.

The acceptance rate of the faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering is still benched at 43%, which equals the average acceptance rate of the University.

  • University Of Toronto Acceptance Rate for Life Sciences

Life sciences is a dynamic faculty at the University of Toronto that gives more exposition on life-related studies and nature generally.

The faculty is made up of fields ranging from Molecular biology, genetics and biotechnology, comparative physiology, neurology, health sciences, paleontology, ecology, evolution, and biochemical communication.

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These various fields will facilitate explorative learning, allowing students to express their different interests in each of the fields.

The acceptance rate of the University of Toronto in Life sciences ranges from 85 to 90% depending on the field applied for in the School.

  • Trinity College University Of Toronto acceptance rate

Trinity college university Toronto is a compartment of the University of Toronto which is located at the heart of the St. George campus, University of Toronto, Canada.

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The college comprises the Faculty of Arts and sciences, and the Faculty of Divinity, with 1800 and about 140 students respectively. The Trinity College University of Toronto is an innovator in interdisciplinary study in areas such as Theology, Immunology, Society and law, Ethics, and International relations.

The acceptance rate of the Trinity College University of Toronto is benched at 34% but is highly selective.

  • Graduate programs in the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is loaded with over 300 graduate programs cutting across the different levels (masters or doctoral). The University of Toronto School of Graduates offers an in-depth scope of academic excellence, promoting side-by-side collaboration with the best of the best and ensuring total academic advancement.

Here is a shortlist of the various graduate programs existing at the University of Toronto;

  • Accounting and finance
  • Applied computing
  • Biochemistry
  • Biomedical communication
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical engineering and applied chemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Community Health
  • Computer Science
  • Dentistry
  • Earth Science
  • Economics
  • Electrical and Computer engineering
  • English
  • Financial risk Management
  • Financial insurance
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacy
  • Political sciences
  • Public health Sciences
  • Religion
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • Teaching and others.

Graduates programs at the University of Toronto are also fixed at 43% average across the different programs. For further information about the graduate programs and o applications, check here (



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