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Jobs In Canada: How To Get Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Canada

Jobs in Canada are vast and numerous, cutting across different specialties. Canada is considered to be a developed country that generates nearly 75% of its GDP from the service sector.

This is a positive indicator as this further proves that there exist jobs in Canada for foreigners.

Immigrants from different parts of the world flock to Canada yearly for jobs and eventually get settled in the different parts of the Nation after being granted free stay-visa as a result of the efforts of their respective employers.

Divers sectors are explored in Canada, these include but are not limited to; Real estate, education, health, high tech, and banking among others.

Free Visa Jobs in Canada

So many individuals from different countries are interested in migrating to Canada for jobs but are limited financially as regards the process involved in acquiring a visa and getting employed by employers, however, there are a handful of jobs in Canada for immigrants fully funded and sponsored.

Below listed are some of the sponsored jobs in Canada for foreigners;


Fruits are agricultural produce harvested from farms. As earlier stated that one of the sectors explored by employers in Canada is agriculture, fruit picking is a job title that describes the processes involved in sorting, grading, and re-sizing fruits before they are packed and distributed.

Laughing Coyote Orchards seeks individuals to occupy these several positions.

Job Requirements

  • Language: English (French is an added advantage)
  • Educational qualification: Minimum of High school

Available Vacancies

  • Fruit Packers – 23 vacancies
  • Fruit Pruners – 30 vacancies
  • Fruit Farm Laborers – 189 vacancies
  • Fruit Harvesters – 42 vacancies
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$25 – $40 per hour


To apply, send details to


Waiters are customer relations officers at eateries and resort centers who are available to note the need of customers and at the end of the day prepare the bills the same.

They must be willing to stand for a while and must be committed to serving new customers per time.

Joey’s pizza, pasta, bar, and grills are hiring waiters

Job requirement

  • Education: Minimum of high school
  • Working Hours: 8hours daily
  • Employment Type: Full time


CAD 2000 to CAD 2600 Per Month



The Farm Manager is responsible for the monitoring of the farm staff, purchase of resources, and farm inspection among others.

The Farm manager is expected to go around with a broader picture and mindset as regards the farm, bringing to fruition the drafted plans of the farm.

Shark Ag Consulting is calling out for Farm managers.

Job requirements

  • Passion for agriculture
  • Management experience is a plus
  • Analytical thinking
  • Ability to make decisions under pressure
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Any graduate certificate


CAD 20 to CAD 22 per Hour



There are a handful of unskilled lucrative jobs in Canada for Indians (not limited to Indians).

Jobs in Canada for Indian freshers are mostly unskilled and these are available in thousands, with attractive wages and salaries; about 38,000 openings in development, 49,500 in hospitality, over 50,000 in retail, and over 1000 in driving like a truck driver and a taxi driver.

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Below is a list of some of the unskilled jobs in Canada

  • Warehouse worker
  • Cloth factory worker
  • General farm worker
  • Registered practical nurse
  • Supermarket staff
  • Housekeeper
  • Factory helper
  • Construction worker
  • Cleaner
  • Food counter attendant
  • Truck driver
  • Farm laborer
  • Gas Station workers and many others

Eligibility Criteria

As a foreigner, you might have to apply for a temporary foreign worker program. This allows you to work and live in Canada for two years with visa sponsorship.

This can be done in the following ways

  • After applying for unskilled labor in Canada, the job offer document from the employer should be obtained
  • Get an approved Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • The show proves to the immigration officer that your stay in Canada is temporal and you would leave the country immediately after the end of your approved period.
  • Ensure all your documents are in English or French
  • You have to project proves that your stay in the country would pose no threat to the security of the country
  • You have to provide pieces of evidence that you are financially buoyant enough to reside in Canada

Job Requirements

  • Education: Minimum of high school
  • Experience: Fresher

Salary range

An average unskilled worker earns over $30,000 per annum on an average


Bank Jobs in Canada for foreigners and freshers

Bank jobs in Canada for freshers include having an interface with the clients constantly by helping with an administration that is setting up checking and investment accounts respectively.

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They most times stand as counsels for clients on financial matters.

  1. RBC Royal Bank is hiring Bankers
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Job Expectations

The obligation of the bankers will include working closely with clients to decide their financial necessities, examining their monetary prerequisites,s, and giving out financial counsel when necessary.

You are expected to be determined in serving clients of different classes diligently, accurately, and timely. Rapid discernment and decision-making are also expected to effectively serve clients.

Job Requirements

  • Education: Any graduate
  • Must be skilled in Ms.Word suites, banking data sets,s, and necessary programming programs
  • Mathematically excellent and inclined
  • Multiple tasking and time management skills
  • Customer relations skills


CAD 15 to CAD 18 per hour


  1. Finance manager at cloud visa immigration LLP

The Finance managers are expected to analyze markets, meet with departmental heads, manage and coordinate monthly reporting of the organization, budget and forecast process, provide services such as accounts payable, collection and payroll, also monitor cash flow.

Job Requirements

  • Education: B.commerce
  • At least three years work of experience in the stated field.
  • Full time
  • 8 hours working period daily.


Minimum of $94,962 and maximum of $95,200 per annum.




Getting a Good job in Canada has been the best dream anyone could achieve as a goal in their prime. One of the reasons why people to countries like Canada is because of the kind of amenities available for its citizens ranging from scholarships to good jobs.

Canadian scholarship can be achieved even as an immigrant from other countries but you need be to be able to meet all the demands of the universities over there and also their country’s demands too.


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