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Canada Truck Driver Job

Canada Truck Driver Job is a good job for people in Canada and some might say that it is Skilled and unskilled labor is in high demand in Canada.

There is a list of unskilled labor that of high demand in the country, truck drivers are one of the ones leading the lists of demands since companies and production factories are expected to convey their finished products and raw materials across the different parts of the country day in day out.

Canada Truck Driver Job

After research, we found out that a lot of employers are reaching out to truck drivers in Canada and some of them are willing to include such with free visas for foreigners.

Truck Driver Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2022

Before we delve into the available vacancies, there are requirements to operate and drive trucks in Canada which are worthy of note before any form of application;

  • You must be above 18 years of age
  • You must be able to read and speak the English language fluently to converse easily with clients and the general public
  • You must be able to read the English road signs and signals
  • Grade 10 (At least) academic qualification required
  • Persons with criminal records should apply for a Canadian pardon before application
  • Pass all medical requirements as specified by the medical department of the transportation industry in Canada.
  • You must pass a pre-employment drug test as specified under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
  • Provide a driver’s abstract not less than 30days old before the interview
  • Should not record more than one “at-fault” accident record in the past five years
  • Should not have had a driver’s license suspension for the past three years
  • Should not have more than two tickets for moving violations for the past three years
  • Must have an Ontario full “G” license
  • It should have no more than three demerit points stated on it.
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Truck Drivers in Canada for Foreigners

Having noted these, we will consider the vacancies available for truck drivers in Canada for foreigners;

1. Garbage Truck drivers

About 24 vacancies are available for garbage truck drivers in Canada. Some of the companies in need of such drivers are

Excelone Staffing Services; salary is $23.00 to $24.00 hourly pay. Send the application to

WILMAC SEPTIC LTD; salary is from $20.00 to $25.00 hourly

2. Recycling Truck Drivers

There are about 14 recycling truck driver vacancies in Canada. Some of the employers/companies are listed below

  1. Excelone staffing services
  2. Flying pigs recycling
  3. GFL Environmental Inc.
  4. Ridge Meadows Recycling Society
  5. Swift Sanitary Services

3. Truck Drivers Helper

There are about 8 vacancies for truck driver helpers in Canada. The companies with the vacancies are listed below;

  • Subico Transportation Services Inc.
  • Terre De Finition ML Inc.
  • Provincial Environmental Inc.
  • QUEBEC Inc.

Other truck driver vacancies in Canada include; power truck drivers (5 jobs), delivery truck driver’s helpers (4 jobs), sprinkling drug drivers (3 positions), and fuel truck driver helpers.

The list could be endless but these are just a few of the available truck driver jobs available in Canada for foreigners.

To apply for any of the above-listed jobs, kindly click here (

Foreigners are finding it a bit difficult to get jobs in Canada because of the cost involved in getting a visa into the country; however, there are truck driver jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship. We look into some of these jobs and their respective mode of application.

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Truck Driver Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Companies are willing to pay provided an individual is skillful enough to fill up the truck driving space of the company in Canada, and this is not limited to the domestic citizens but also the foreigner from different countries across the world. There are specific companies that are offering fully funded truck driver job in Canada. Some of them are listed below, stating the details pertaining to the jobs.


1. Coca-Cola Canada Bottling limited.

Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited is stated as Canada’s premier bottling company with over 5,800 associates, 50 sales and distribution centers, and five production facilities Nationwide.

Job description

Status: Full time

Location:  Quebec City, QC

Coca-Cola Canada Truck driver Job Salary: Starting wage is $25.48 per hour


  • Deliver ordered goods by clients through assigned routes, with the Company’s delivery truck
  • Keep a constant watch on the accuracy and the stability of the truck to ensure proper maintenance.
  • Follow all set down rules and regulations by the company as regards safety and handling of equipment
  • Maintain professional and beneficial relationships with the co-workers of the company
  • Follow all Coke Canada Bottling and Store policies regarding backroom, display floor, replenishment, equipment, and safety
  • Ability to push and pull manual and powered equipment (i.e. pallet jack, hand-truck, etc.) containing product loads for a minimum of 100 yards without assistance. This is a prove of physical fitness


  • Must be fluent In the English Language
  • Must be experienced in Local delivery
  • At least one year of commercial driving experience
  • At least three years of general work experience
  • Commercial License with Air (Class 1 or AZ) with no major violations over the last three (3) years
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2. Gulf operators

This is a civil contractor, experienced in all civil-related works including drilling and blasting, concrete work, excavation, water, and sewer, as well as aggregate productions and sales. Gulf operations are currently seeking truck drivers. They are located in St. John, New Brunswick.


  • Must be able to demonstrate a willingness to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing
  • Strong communication skills
  • Must have previous labor and civil works experience
  • Driving abstract will be required
  • Valid class 1 or 3 driver’s license
  • Must be hardworking, self-starter, a good team player with a very strong work ethic
  • 2-5 years of experience required
  • Must be flexible and willing to work shifts
  • Must be very reliable.
  • Responsibility
  • Transport equipment and or materials to and fro sites as required.


3. Chris Porter Trucking Limited

This is a trucking company that is located at Conception Bay South. They are hiring truck drivers on a full-time basis working status. The salary is from $65,000 to $80,000 per annum.


  • All credentials pertaining to the job role are required
  • At least class 1 or A driver’s license
  • Must be fluent in the English language.

Canada truck driver job apply

This is a shortlist of some of the Canada truck driver jobs for foreigners with visa sponsorship and our next article should be about canada truck driver job free visa

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