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Best Place to live in Canada For Immigrants

Best Place to live in Canada For Immigrants, the home of all! Canada is the most preferred destination for most immigrants around the world. All the immigrants in Canada have a reason to call Canada their home.

Best Place to live in Canada For Immigrants

Lately, the interest in immigrating to Canadian cities has increased as there are countless opportunities open to everyone. Besides, Canada invites applications from diverse talented candidates to utilize the resources available for the growth of the economy.

Best Place to live in Canada For Immigrants

Immigrants however are interested in getting detailed knowledge about the best place to live in Canada for immigrants. According to the IRCC report, nearly 65% of the Express Entry applicants prefer Ontario as the first choice for settlement when it comes to the best place to live in Canada for immigrants.

British ColumbihouseholdQuebec is the Canadian city that follows the trail in the preference of the provinces for settlement. Ontario remains at the top position considering the benefits for the immigrants available in the province.

The developed fondness for the province is because of the taxes, they maintain the unemployment rate at a low level. We will highlight each of the cities according to their peculiarities.

  • Toronto

Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and is the largest city, with an increasing number of immigrants in Canada all over the world.

Toronto is the most preferred city for migrants from across the globe according to IRCC. This largest city provides opportunities in diverse industries ranging from Finance to technology and other inclusion as required for proper living.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic doing its rounds, the immigrant’s preferences and liking toward Toronto have not changed. With not very have climatic conditions in Toronto, the city is equipped for all situations paving way for all recreational activities.

The city transportation facilities are sufficient and do not require one to have a private vehicle except at individual discretion. Talking about the best place to live in Canada for immigrants, Toronto is at the top of the chart.

  • Vancouver

Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia with a diverse population in terms of race and ethnicity thanks to the immigrants in Canada. Vancouver has rolled out notices to invite skilled laborers to their province for extensive development.

The opportunities are galore in this city with better climatic conditions without affecting the normal work life. The holistic development of a country relies on its people’s health as well. Vancouver’s healthcare facilities are extraordinary and function in a constructive pattern. Indeed a place to dwell as an immigrant!

  • Montreal

Montreal is the largest city in the Quebec province and is the second-largest in the country of Canada as a whole. This city is the home to diverse immigrants overseas, rendering it the most preferred destination in Canada alongside Toronto.

Like the other Canadian cities, Montreal has all-embracing cultures, making it a home for skilled workers, business people, students, family members, and refugees.

Montreal brings in immigrants for favorable employment opportunities, an affordable standard of living, an excellent education system, and the best health care services. This city is proud of its rich culture, making it home to millions of people.

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With these few noted, some immigrants are very particular with a place of habitation, some are interested in getting the full knowledge of the best Province to live in Canada for families, the best province to live in as a female, and other peculiarities. We will dive into the former.

Best Province To Live In Canada For Families

Raising a healthy and happy family in 2022 is tougher than ever, considering rising costs of living, safety concerns, and the countless other variables that come into play when you’ve got children to consider.

We will leverage facts from research to bring to your knowledge the best provinces in Canada to live for families and the respective cities with healthy lifestyles and thriving communities that prioritize the success of their local families.

1.  Montreal, Quebec

Talking about child care affordability? Then you are unto Montreal of the Quebec province. According a study carried out in the year  2017 by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), it was revealed that Montreal (and Quebec cities, in general) accounted for the most affordable childcare services across Canada.

Montreal was named the least expensive city for full-time infant care, with parents paying fees of $168 per month on average — a cost that increased tenfold in Toronto, laying claim as the country’s most expensive city for childcare.

2.  Calgary, Alberta

This is a city where the family earning power is considered the highest. From the results of a Canadian census where households were ranked by median family income, Calgary takes the top spot with $104,410, with Edmonton following close behind in second place.

In 2015, Calgary was credited with being home to the highest number of millionaires per capita amongst all major Canadian cities and in 2018, The Economist placed Calgary in fourth place on its annual Global Livability Index. Interesting!

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3.  St John’s, Newfoundland

When we are to make references to housing affordability, then we should talk about St John’s. According to a 2021 report by Re/Max after research, Saint John’s takes the top spot as one of the most affordable housing markets in Canada for 2021, with an average selling price of $307,619. Factoring in families and double incomes, this only becomes a more attractive selling feature when considering what city to call home.

4.  Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa has always been a front liner when it comes to education. The best systems of education are found in this particular city and province. Education being a major need in a family, this can not be over-emphasized.

Little ones grow up fast – and an aspect of life that’s never far from a parent’s mind is education. Beyond daycare and primary school, secondary and post-secondary education are key factors for families in narrowing down where to plant roots.

Ottawa takes the top spot for the city with the highest number of university degrees at 31.5 percent, with Toronto and Calgary trailing close behind.

4.  Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec city is regarded as the most family-friendly city judging from its excellent health care, affordable housing, medical system, and low crime rate as key factors.

These among others are the best provinces to live in Canada for family

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