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Best Cities In Canada To Live

Best Cities In Canada To Live, Canada is a country blessed with innumerable numbers of cities, towns, and settlements. The country has been a major point of attraction for foreigners.

Aside from its wide and voluminous labor openings, cities in Canada are also sorted for as a result of their beautiful landscapes and other attractions.

Best Cities In Canada To Live

The best cities in Canada to live in are rated based on certain inclusions that elevate them above other cities in Canada.

There is a list of them, however, cities in Canada are inhabited by foreigners based on very specific purposes, some of the best cities in Canada to live and work are classified based on certain requirements that would favor habitation working, and some are best for schooling and so on.

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We will give a list of some major cities in Canada and how they are categorized;

Major Cities In Canada

Major cities in Canada were categorized based on the “population center” criteria. A population center, in the context of a Canadian census, is a populated place, or a cluster of interrelated populated places, which meets the demographic characteristics of an urban area, having a population of at least 1,000 people and a population density of no fewer than 400 people per square km2.

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Ontario and Quebec are the two most populated provinces in Canada. Some of these major cities include;

  • Toronto of Ontario Province

Toronto is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario. With a recorded population of 2,794,356 in 2021, it is the most populous city in Canada and the fourth most populous city in North America

  • Montreal Of Quebec

Montreal is the second-most populous city in Canada and the most populous city in the Canadian province of Quebec. Founded in 1642 as Ville Marie, or “The City of Mary”, it is named after Mount Royal, the triple-peaked hill around which the early city of Ville-Marie is built.

The city is centered on the Island of Montreal, which obtained its name from the same origin as the city.

  • Vancouver of British Columbia

Vancouver is a major city in western Canada, located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. As the most populous city in the province, the 2021 census recorded 662,248 people in the city, up from 631,486 in 2016.

The Greater Vancouver area had a population of 2.6 million in 2021, making it the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada after Montreal and Toronto.

  • Calgary Of Alberta

Calgary is a city in the western Canadian province of Alberta. As of 2021, the city had a population of 1,306,784 and a metropolitan population of 1,481,806, making it the third-largest city and fifth-largest metropolitan area in Canada.

  • Edmonton of Alberta

Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta. Edmonton is on the North Saskatchewan River and is the center of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, which is surrounded by Alberta’s central region.

  • Ottawa of Ontario

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. Located on the south bank of the Ottawa River in the southern portion of the province of Ontario, Ottawa borders Gatineau, Quebec, and forms the core of the Ottawa–Gatineau census metropolitan area (CMA) and the National Capital Region (NCR).

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As of 2021, Ottawa had a city population of 1,017,449 and a metropolitan population of 1,488,307, making it the fourth-largest city and fourth-largest metropolitan area in Canada.

  • Winnipeg of Manitoba

Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of the province of Manitoba in Canada. It is centered on the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, near the longitudinal center of North America.

As of 2021, Winnipeg had a city population of 749,607 and a metropolitan population of 834,678, making it the sixth-largest city, and eighth-largest metropolitan area in Canada

  • Quebec of Quebec

Quebec is the capital city of the Canadian province of Quebec. As of July 2016, the city had a population of 531,902, and the metropolitan area had a population of 800,296.

It is the eleventh-largest city and the seventh-largest metropolitan area in Canada. It is also the second-largest city in the province after Montreal. It has a humid continental climate with warm summers coupled with cold and snowy winters.

  • Hamilton of Ontario

Hamilton is a port city in the Canadian province of Ontario. Hamilton has a population of 569,353, and its census metropolitan area, which includes Burlington and Grimsby, has a population of 785,184. The city is 58 kilometers (36 mi) southwest of Toronto in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

  • Kitchener of Ontario

Kitchener is a city in the Canadian province of Ontario, about 100 km (62 mi) west of Toronto. It is one of three cities that make up the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and is the regional seat.

Kitchener was known as Berlin until a 1916 referendum changed its name. The city covers an area of 136.86 km2 and had a population of 256,885 at the time of the 2021 Canadian census.

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These and other cities in their tens are in this category.

Best Cities In Canada To Live and Work

There is a list of cities in Canada that supports you habiting them at the same time, working in the environment. Waterloo, Calgary, and Ottawa are considered the best cities to live and work in Canada, according to a survey by the Conference Board of Canada.

They’re among the six cities that earned an overall “A” when ranked on such measures as education, environment, health, housing, innovation, and society.

The other best cities to live and work in Canada are Richmond Hill, Vancouver, and St. John’s, though Edmonton came in ahead of St. John’s among university-educated workers.

Best Cities In Canada For Students

As a student moving down to Canada for schooling, you might be interested in finding out which part of the country favors you. Beyond just schooling, you might be interested in an environment that is favorable for you in terms of accommodations, security, school of preference location, cost of living, and so on.

With all these being put into proper consideration, the top 5 Student-friendly Cities in Canada Cities include; Montreal, Montrealer, Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec.

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