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ABA Masters Scholarship

ABA Masters Scholarship is a means to encourage individuals who have chosen this field of study. Beyond the academic value the ABA masters scholarship has for the beneficiaries, this is also a great avenue to reach out to the children who are at different ranges on the autism spectrum and other related special needs.

ABA Masters Scholarship

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a type of interpersonal therapy in which a child works with a practitioner one-on-one. The goal of applied behavior analysis is to improve social skills by using interventions that are based on principles of learning theory.

The ABA therapy helps a child in different ways and these include; Increasing their social abilities like completing tasks, communicating, and learning new skills, implementing maintenance behaviors like self-control and self-regulation, teaching them to transfer learned behaviors to new environments, modifying the learning environment to challenge them in certain scenarios, reducing negative behaviors like self-harm.

As earlier stated, the ABA master’s scholarship is beyond the academic benefits but more of the community and human development services.

However, students in the field of ABA who wish to obtain post-graduate scholarships like the ABA masters Scholarship must of necessity obtain a graduate-level certification in behavior analysis.

With this in mind, aspiring behavior analysts will have to undergo years of schooling before obtaining the proper certifications to practice in the field.

List of ABA Masters Scholarship

To overcome some of the financial barriers of the academic process, some students might turn to ABA masters scholarships opportunities as a way to offset tuition costs.

Here is a list of some of the organizations offering ABA masters scholarship for qualified and interested individuals

  • SABA Grants

Based on evaluations by the Association for Behavior Analysis International, the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Analysis (SABA) offers annual grants to students who serve to advance the science of applied behavior analysis.

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Their main goal is to fund graduate student research projects on various ABA topics, which will hopefully add to the valid and reliable data surrounding the field which in turn will ultimately be used by the next generation of analysts.

In addition to the grants themselves, SABA offers restricted and unrestricted funds to ABA students and professionals. The organization also offers ample resources for students who are entering the field, potentially providing useful information to help guide the direction of their studies.

Some of the current grants they offer include International Development Grant, Senior Student Presenter Grant, Innovative Student Research Grant, Innovative Student Research Grant in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Sidney W. & Janet R. Bijou Grant, Public Awareness Grant, ABAI Student Member Registration Campaign Grants.

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  • Autism Recovery Foundation Behavior Analysis Scholarship

Autism is gaining widespread recognition in the United States and elsewhere as the true capacity of the multi-faceted disability becomes more visible.

Some behaviors, once seen as simply minor, intentional, stubborn, or quirky are now being recognized as falling on the autistic spectrum.

With up-to-date research and knowledge on autism circulating via social media, television, textbooks, and online articles, the need for more professionals who can work with this population is becoming urgent.

Graduate students who are pursuing advanced studies in the applied behavioral analysis may apply for the Autism Recovery Foundation Behavior Analysis Scholarship, which is awarded based on the merit of a student’s advanced research.

Not only does the Autism Recovery Foundation help support ABA students and professionals, but they also give back to families in need. They provide financial assistance to those who are not able to cover some of the intensive cost of therapeutic services for their child with autism.

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  • World Campus Scholarship From Penn state

Penn State University is a recognized authority in international behavioral studies. Students who have been accepted into a behavioral health program at Penn State may apply for the World Campus scholarship.

The scholarship requires acceptance into a program related to behavioral health and analysis, but the scholarship itself may be put towards any class in which the student is enrolled.

However, this is an excellent opportunity for enterprising individuals who wish to broaden their professional expertise, by taking additional specialized coursework from a highly reputable institution that is willing to offer ABA masters scholarships.

World Campus graduates have gone on to earn considerable acclaim in the behavioral health field at large. The scholarship came with so many benefits that are not just limited to the domestic dwellers but also the foreigners. Some of the facts about the scheme include:

  • Both Pennsylvania and non-Pennsylvania residents receive equal consideration for scholarships and awards.
  • International students are eligible for a select few scholarships.
  • Approximately 25% of awards go to first-year students who complete the scholarship application.
  • Penn State World Campus offers more than 40 scholarships, which are awarded to hundreds of undergraduate students each year.
  • Reducing barriers and enabling access to education, and generating philanthropic support, are foundational elements of Penn State’s strategic plan.

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  • US Department of Education Special Education Grants

The Office of Special Education Programs within the US Department of Education offers student research grants (ABA masters scholarships) for individuals pursuing degrees in developmental psychology, applied behavior analysis, and other fields which are considered instrumental in the development of new treatments to help the mentally impaired and learning disabled.

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The education of such individuals is in many cases key to their ability to live as normal a life as is possible making them be the best they can be; applied behavior analysts may work with individuals in need of assistance, or they may develop programs for widespread application across special schools and homes.

The department offers a variety of grants in different tiers of applied behavioral analysis, here is a list of some of them and their purposes:

  • Educational Technology, Media, and Materials for Individuals with Disabilities Program

Purpose: To support accessible technology and educational media and material.

  • Personnel Development to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities

Purpose: Help states meet state-identified needs for adequate numbers of fully-certified personnel to serve children with disabilities by supporting competitive awards.

  • State Personnel Development Grants Program

Purpose: Help state educational agencies reform and improve their systems for personnel preparation and professional development of individuals providing early intervention, education, and transition services to improve results for children with disabilities.

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